Natural Daylight – Energy Efficient – Improved Employee Productivity.

Welcome to Naturalite Building Systems, a new exceptional facility concept using advanced daylighting technology.


In a survey of 1,614 employees by Future Workplace, the number one workplace attribute was natural light.

Uniquely designed under patent-pending protection, Naturalite Buildings transform fully enclosed traditional commercial and industrial buildings into open natural day lighted environments. The design brings the bright stimulating outdoors into a controlled indoor environment throughout the entire building. Insulated and sealed, Naturalite buildings bring in all the outdoor pleasantries inside and keep unwanted elements outdoors.

Various research supports daylighting’s positive effect on building performance and human health. Daylighting is defined as the use of natural light to support the visual demands of the building occupants. Ancon builds on this daylight technology by incorporating a variety of optional features to create the perfect internal environment.

Naturalite Buildings are the perfect option for research and development office spaces, fitness gyms, recreational spaces, sports facilities and industrial applications. With adjustable sunlight diffusion, you can create the perfect indoor environment for work or play.

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AGT Technologies, LLC is a military and private design/build contracting firm with over 40 years’ experience.

AGT Technologies, LLC’s specialized construction includes both private and military construction projects, AGT Hybrid Greenhouses, Naturalite Buildings, warehouses, multi-story office buildings, industrial manufacturing buildings with mezzanines and bridge crane material handling systems, flight simulator structures, freight terminals, refrigerated cold storage, indoor boat storage with multi-story dry storage boat slips, medical facilities, international border crossing structures and distribution of metal buildings globally.